In Eden

The Garden of Eden is an image of our first innocence, of how sin became a reality in human life, and how God responded to our turning away from Him. Heavy stuff…



In Eden we knew His love, and warmed ourselves at that bright fire.

We enjoyed the balm of wholesome life, loved for ourselves, entire.

Creatures of the Creator, with honoured places alongside His Son,

As befits those made in His image, free to choose right from wrong.


In Eden we blew His love, our pride puffing us up way too high.

We would be our Father’s equal, and temptation hung us out to dry.

Knowledge promised power, and so it has been down to this day:

We ever try to be what we’re not, and can never be in any way.


From Eden He sent His Son, spreading light into our darkness.

Though wounded and wounding, we’d rather not face our mess.

The poor in spirit heard His voice, with little to hold them back,

But the rich, the great, and the holy, couldn’t confess their lack.


From Eden we slew His Son, biting the hand that would heal us,

Wearing our pride and arrogance, as if a fig leaf to conceal us.

We hid from our Father, the saddest statement that ever was said.

We preferred the tomb, even when Jesus rose in glory from the dead.


To Eden He will lead us, in a homecoming that will last forever,

Where life in all it’s fullness dwells, and mercy without measure.

Where eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor has mind conceived,

The blessed bounty restored to us, who were lost, but now reprieved.


To Eden then, to Eden, let us look forward with a holy hope,

A hope which here and now gives strength and helps us cope.

Knowing who we are, and to where is our true destination,

Consoles our present exile, as we yearn for love’s culmination.