Justice and Mercy

There is a universe of a difference between justice and mercy. They are vastly contrasted, and as far as I’m concerned, God is interested only in one of them. Consider the parable Jesus told about the servant who was let off his debt and then went out and cruelly demanded his dues from another servant. We – all of us – cannot reach fulfilment without receiving mercy from God – how can we then refuse to continue to be merciful to each other?

Justice demands ‘An eye for an eye!’;

Mercy says ‘Let bygones be bye’.


Justice claims ‘You’re in my book!’;

Mercy laughs ‘I’ve forgotten to look!’


Justice cries ‘All debts to be paid!’;

Mercy whispers ‘All men have strayed’.


Justice shouts ‘Principle before fashion!’;

Mercy entreats ‘Live through compassion’.


Justice boasts ‘I won’t ever bend’;

Mercy states ‘I’m with you to the end’.


Justice instructs ‘Forgive but don’t forget’;

Mercy pleads ‘Let go with no regret’.


Justice asserts ‘Goodness is what matters’;

Mercy suggests ‘Righteousness flatters’.


Justice says ‘Work hard for your place’;

Mercy reminds ‘All we have is grace’.


Justice dictates ‘Fairness is the key’;

Mercy counters ‘Let off scot-free!’


Justice warns ‘The law will not be denied!’;

Mercy gently counsels ‘For you, has He died’.