Live for God, My Soul

I long to write a paean to my God. Something that expresses my feelings for Him. I may well keep on trying…



Live for God, my soul, live for God;

For life is His, gladly given,

A yes vote, for you, for me,

Now, and forever in heaven.


Praise your God, my soul, praise your God;

For He is worthy, well worthy,

To receive lauds, and not mere thanks.

All humanity, bend the knee!


Trust in God, my soul, trust in God;

Ever faithful to His children,

Whom He will never ever lose.

Trust, and find deep peace in Him.


Hear from God, my soul, hear from God;

For He speaks, oh yes He speaks:

To your heart, in this moment,

To everyone who truly seeks.


Speak of God, my soul, speak of God;

Others need your loving witness,

Both in your words and your deeds,

For without you, He is helpless.


Gaze on God, my soul, gaze on God;

Let not fear and shame deny,

Out of Eden but copious mercy,

In Lord Jesus, who came to die.


Hide in God, my soul, hide in God;

Hide in Him who’s hidden within,

Reach that inner sanctuary,

Relax and find His strength therein.


Home to God, my soul, home to God;

Till that day, known to Him alone,

Live in love until life’s ebbing,

Jesus there, to bring you home!