On That Day

On that day…



On that day –

Some will shout out to Him: ‘Lord!’

Like fans fringing the red carpet.

He may choose to walk on by…


On that day –

Some will claim they never knew,

Blaming the official fan club.

He may point to their own hearts.


On that day –

The great and mighty will queue,

Angry at the lack of respect.

He may not even notice.


On that day –

Scary men will boast out loud:

‘We died, killing sinners for You!’

He will know who set them up.


On that day –

Some will scream and blaspheme Him,

Being true to their life’s journey.

He may well surprise us all.


On that day –

Some will know that they have failed,

And fear that they have no place there.

He will rush to embrace them.


On that day –

Mankind will fling the church down,

Stones ready, waiting for His word.

He will reconcile them both.


On that day –

I will be there, as I am,

Transparent in my nakedness.

He will…