The greatest saying I have ever heard on the essence of what prayer is, is this:

Prayer doesn’t change God, it changes us.

God is perfect and doesn’t need to change – He couldn’t love us any more if He tried. We are the ones who need to change. By spending time in heartfelt prayer, we change, we become more tuned into His ways – then the miracles begin!



Just what is the point of prayer?

I sit before the cross and stare,

But it’s as if no one’s there…

Oh what is the point of prayer?


Better to act, far greater impact,

Trust me, good deeds are the key,

Clearly, results you can see.

So make haste, no time to waste:

Visit the sick; learn to lay brick;

Time for the kids; give away quids;

Make love not war; have time for

Volunteer stints; low carbon footprints.


Just what is the point of prayer?

Mumbling, distracted, full of care,

Dear God, are you really there?

Tedious, this thing called prayer.


Lengthy sit = attention deficit.

Spirituality, is it reality?

High morals can lead to quarrels;

Good intentions, spawn contentions.

Faith is all very well, pray tell,

But Scripture stresses, how He blesses:

Heaven sent, He gives us talent,

To be used, not hidden or abused.


Just what is the point of prayer?

Dry and unstimulating fare,

When you’re the only one there.

Who can do personal prayer?


Is it a crime to waste time,

Sitting alone without a phone

Bereft of all distractions, left

To face a silent, empty space?

What’s devotion without emotion?

Can the heart really take part

In solitary, it’s a quandary.

Still best to act, and that’s a fact.


Just what is the point of prayer?

A monologue for us to air:

Just why life is so unfair.

God, are you bored by our prayer?


We know best, He’s at our behest.

We assume that He dances to our tune.

Call it odd but the thing about God –

He doesn’t come at all when we call.

Despite our pleading, He’s unheeding.

Nothing we do will make Him untrue.

Mysterious His ways, nothing sways

His divine will: God 1 us nil.


Just what is the point of prayer?

Medicine for the heart’s repair;

Balm to ease life’s wear and tear.

If we wait on Him in prayer.


He’s already here, so very near.

A radiant sun blessing everyone.

No place too dark, no hell so stark,

No single place beyond His grace.

This is good news that He should choose,

To incarnate, to be our… mate.

To delight in us gives Him a buzz;

How dim, not knowing He’s within!


Just what is the point of prayer?

Taking time to build, if we dare,

A relationship beyond compare.

Maybe that’s the point of prayer?


Get it right, look with more than sight;

Goodness me, why can’t we see,

The truth is clear, He’s nearer than near.

At our core, if only we’d explore.

Dare to wait, and wait and wait;

Quieten down, where stress can’t drown,

In that inner place, that sacred space,

God from within, prayer changes men.