I love the old quip about the funeral sermon: a man lying in the pulpit about another man lying in the coffin…

The following is a tadge tongue in cheek, but God’s people have a right to hear His word spoken and made real for them.



Why are so many sermons so awfully boring?

I should know – I’ve sat through quite a few.

Is it the subject – God – or the bloke preaching?

Maybe it’s early purgatory for us in the pew?


And on the odd occasion they’re entertaining,

They have precious little to do with God-stuff.

Some priests should’ve been on the stage, but

Then, should we boo when we’ve had enough?


Speaking of entertainment, where are the firebrands

These days – the hellfire and damnation brigade?

They’re so last century, as we now focus on love,

And giving, so the church roof fund gets repaid.


Church isn’t meant to be entertaining after all:

Nothing funny about saving souls and sacrifice.

And there’s nothing original about sin, but then

Maybe the odd celebration would be nice?


For God’s love is good news indeed, and for

Our darkness and failure, there’s mercy aplenty.

For our weakness He has compassion, and frankly

Our destiny is bound up with Him for eternity.


Whether or not we should be rolling in the aisles,

We should be grabbed, challenged and inspired,

So we can say with the disciples at Emmaus:

‘How our hearts burned within us’ at His word.


Jesus spoke simply, with authority and power.

He was both messenger and message of course.

The crowds flocked – the odd miracle helped,

But the Truth touched hearts with awesome force.


Where is that impact today? Has the Spirit fled?

Was the impact ever there apart from the odd

Saint, who was probably obsessive compulsive?

Is it possible to be normal and proclaim God?