Shout at Him!

There’s a story told about a muslim child whose teacher purposely tells a story that is critical of their religion. The other boys listen in silence but this child is agitated, and eventually shouts out ‘bastard!’ – aimed at the scoundrel who is defaming their prophet and religion. The point of the story of course is that the boy cared enough to be angry – he really loved his faith and of course really loved God, and was infuriated to hear anyone speaking badly about Islam.

Do we care enough to be ourselves before God? In our prayer, do we put on a front, or do we speak to Him as we really are and feel?



Shout at Him!

What? Me? At Him?

Yes – you! Shout at God!

Scream, rant, bellow.

Let Him have it, full on!

Why should that seem odd?


Roar at Him!

He knows how you feel:

Your pain, anger, misery.

Hiding behind your facade,

Pretending to be polite…

D’you think He doesn’t see?


Rage at Him!

Give Him the compliment

Of being honest with Him.

He knows you through and through,

And doesn’t thole falsity.

Or do you think it’s a sin?


Rail at Him!

Tell Him like it is.

If life has hit you hard,

And despair is your daily bread,

Then, pray from the heart.

With Him, no feelings are barred.


Bawl at Him!

When you’ve lost the plot;

When you can take no more,

And grace is in short supply:

At your weakest, trust His love,

And let Him know the score.


Bask in Him!

Come to Him as you are,

Warts and all, in honesty,

And feel the warmth of that

Great blaze of biased love.

Your truth is never blasphemy.