The Case for God?

God is beyond our attempts to pin down, whether to acknowledge or to write off. Is there any empirical clue to our absolute dependence on Him and thereby His supreme majesty? In other words, that God is not optional…



Many learned people spend a lot of time,

Arguing for and against the case for God.

Yet there is no absolute proof either way,

And even atheists live by faith – period.




Better to shake off the ‘proof delusion’,

And look to the ‘why’ in creation’s code:

Can we divine a divine correlation,

And find in life’s essence a sacred lode?


True spirituality always points inwards;

Not a selfish turning from reality,

But rather the route to real meaning,

The universe within, shrouded in mystery.


So what does our deep inner core reveal?

Can we read the runes common to us all?

The deepest needs and desires of the heart?

The authentic blueprint set in our kernel?


I look to myself and see two key desires:

I want to be fulfilled, and to perfection;

And that this blest state will never end.

But sin and mortality thwart my ambition.


Will anyone deny that my sin, your sin,

Real sin, afflicts the entire human race?

And death waits for every living being?

A cataclysm that we all have to face.


I once attended a humanist funeral

For a work colleague: how empty, how sad!

What meagre consolation to family and friends:

Platitudes and memories were all we had…


But we live on in our kids, I hear you say;

Finding immense joys in their story!

And much virtue and heroism abounds.

Yet why settle for less? Be all you can be!


What can address, properly, completely,

The deep-set yearning of all creation,

For radical fulfilment, never to end,

Save but the eternal ineffable One?




Wish fulfilment; nowt but pie in the sky!

Granted friend, and no proofs are given.

An age old crutch for irrational minds?

Yet better my hope than your cynicism!