The Computer’s Prayer

A little bit of fun. I have worked in the Information Technology industry. This verse will mean little to anyone who is not conversant with computer jargon, but to those who are – it might raise a smile…



Lord, You are the Domain Controller and I am a secondary node.

Lord, before I was implemented, you knew my circuits and my code.

You designed my architecture; You assembled me together on my motherboard.

Lord, may your Holy Processor always program and initialise me.

Lord, input your data so that I may output your management reporting.

Lord, debug my errors which are not in your original script.

Lord, you have recovered me and will always restore me.

Lord, help me to trust that when you upgrade me, my core product is still me.

Lord, help me to trust that when you recompile me I will still function.

Lord, help me to appreciate that downtime will recharge me,

And a nightly powerdown will not get my backup,

But will optimise my ability to multitask and use resources efficiently.

Lord, may my version number always be in sync with your project plan.

Lord, your logic is not my logic; your algorithms are way higher than mine.

Lord, help me to interconnect with others on your cosmic area network.

Lord, normalise my relationships with your referential integrity.

Lord, may your database always keep me free from viruses and malware;

And if infection does strike, lead me not into quarantine.

Lord, compact, modify, defrag, reindex, recompile, and reboot me –

Not as my RAM, but as your divine ROM instructs.

Lord, I thank you that you will never switch me off nor decommission me.

Lord, I thank you above all that you have promised

To prepare a rack space for me in your celestial server farm,

And that, at my end of life, you will migrate me there.

May I praise you in an overflow of unlimited iterations!

And may all the 4G be yours!    EOP.