The Divine Tug

Believing that God exists is one thing, but does God intervene in our lives? Does His love impact in any meaningful way in our real daily lives apart from the uplifting words of the Gospel? Does God ever get off the fence? Does He ever get down and dirty?



High on a hill on a cloudy day,

A young boy is flying his kite.

The kite has gone up above the clouds,

And is completely hidden from sight.





“How do you know the kite is still there?”

Asks a companion ever so smug.

“Every now and then,” says the boy,

“I feel the line give a wee tug.”


A charming little story, indeed,

But can we, believers, declare,

When others around us see nothing,

That our mighty God is still there?


Whether He’s there or not is one thing,

As He looks down from His throne above,

Does He touch our lives in any way,

This God who professes strong love?


An aloof god who keeps us as pets,

Who started it all and then retracts,

To laugh at our crazy behaviour,

Seems at least to fit the facts.


God’s absence isn’t through neglect:

It’s the hard cost that His love brings;

A god who invests us with freedom,

Who will never ever pull our strings.


Do we ever then feel the divine tug?

Given this most respectful deity?

If we fly the ‘kite’ of our prayer,

To risk faith in such a mystery?


Believing in what’s unseen by eye,

Can seem a pointless activity;

But if we make the time for Him,

He responds with eager proclivity.




The divine tug is there to be felt,

Beyond words or science to capture;

Stay with the thin line of your faith,

And the clouds will give way to rapture.