The Father’s Prodigality

Can we be in any doubt of the picture of God, our Father, as drawn by Jesus throughout his ministry, but especially in the parable of the Prodigal Son?

Or should that be the Prodigal Father?



The Father’s prodigality:


As He strains His eyes, spending long hours,

Watching the horizon to catch a glimpse of me.

As He jumps up and down with excitement,

Embarrassing the onlookers, when He sees me.

As He makes a complete fool of Himself,

Hitching up His skirts, as He runs to me.

As He showers me with hugs and kisses,

So much so that He even embarasses me!

As He risks offending the pious brigade

By His clear and unbridled clemency.

As He calls for a huge celebratory feast,

In my ‘honour’ – who have betrayed fealty?

As He utterly refuses to hear my sorry tale,

Known already, investing me with dignity.

As He brooks no objections from anyone,

Proclaiming that I am one of the family.

As He sings and dances the night away,

Like a man who’s just won the lottery.

As He croons and lulls me to blest sleep,

Jealously watching over me for all eternity.