The Pilgrim Path

The notion of the ‘pilgrim’ is a wonderfully rich and powerful one for Christians and other believers. As relevant today as it has always been. To be a pilgrim doesn’t necessarily mean travelling to some devotional shrine in a far off land – for all of us there is the spiritual journey towards the core of our being.



Tread the ground softly,

As you walk along;

Hold humble contact

With creation’s song.

Do you hear voices

Chanting in chorus,

Praising the Master

Long gone before us?


All nature displays

A divine imprint,

Which man must receive

As glad sacrament.

Our fellow creatures

Trust to providence:

Instinct sufficient

For their sustenance.


The pilgrim perceives

All ownership is

Simply delusion,

For all things are His.

Every breath, each

Moment, mere fragile

Holds on heaven’s hearth,

Our sole domicile.


All baggage pared down;

Taking and using;

Precious resources;

Never abusing.

Trimmed for the journey,

Sight set to the fore,

Yet seizing the day,

Here, now, all the more.


What baggage is this?

Material, yes;

But attitudes too;

Willing to address;

Ism’s avoided;

Wary of sacred

Tenets from ‘on high’;

Not taken as read.


The pilgrim discerns

The foreground in view;

Trusting the journey,

Unfolding anew.

Knowing that God is

Somehow in control,

Though at times it’s tough

For body and soul.


Tending his own wounds,

Yet ready to heed,

And samaritan

Those in greater need.

Travelling as church,

United in Him,

Pilgrims together;

The Lord’s anawim.


The pilgrim is called,

And follows that star,

Driven and driven,

Like old Balthazar.

His rest will come soon,

Worshipping the Word,

Whose life he mimics,

Whose call he has heard.