When God calls Time

Do you worry about the end of the world? Literal reading of the scriptures might well fuel such fears. But scripture also says: perfect love casts out fear. One thing is certain: God’s impotence in this world will be no more…

The ‘end is nigh’ bloke is a figure of fun.

Why are some people obsessed with this?

Only our heavenly Father knows the hour;

Second guessing God is simply remiss.


There are actually two ‘end of the world’s:

That bringing down of the cosmic curtain,

And my own death – my own EOTW.

Both at a time unknown, yet equally certain.


Should we be afraid of either eschaton?

Like naughty boys before the headmaster?

Trying to occupy ourselves; lives filled

With stuff to snuff out coming disaster?


Do we in fact inhabit our own death row?

With that constant stress awaiting the day?

All joy and achievement coloured by thoughts

That escape is impossible, try as we may?


Love for spouse, children and family,

Is tinged with dread of leaving or left.

“Whichever of us dies first is the luckier”,

Avoiding the agony of being bereft?


When God calls time, death has it’s fling:

A brief moment in the tomb, but then

Death is dead and we can sin no more…

And strictly no chance to go round again.


When God calls time, we stand alone;

Naught but the audit of practical love,

To cover our nakedness, and reliant on

Mercy to determine: below or above.


Practical care of the least, with kindness,

Born of our own dire need for succour,

Even more than ticking off the sabbaths,

Will ensure our own definitive easter.