Who is this Man?

A favourite story put to verse, with a powerful message about our redemption. I dedicate this poem to my beautiful Maria.



Imagine a throne room, wonderful beyond compare;

Full of courtiers, lords and ladies, great and fair.

Above them all the king, ensconced in splendour,

Surveys the scene, milking the respect they render.


Respect and calm describe the tone, with formality

And a certain staidness, the all-pervading quality.

The huge throng is hushed, grouped in twos and threes,

Yet all eyes are on the king, most anxious to please.


If his majesty laughs, the whole assembly will choke,

Even though most of them have never heard the joke.

If he shouts and roars, they tremble and feel small,

And unobtrusively spy the recipient of his bawl.


This day the long audience is subdued and quiet,

When suddenly a loud crash, as if a riot,

Reverberates round the gilded columns, and all

In shock and horror turn to spot the guilty vandal.


A young man has flung the great hall doors open,

And self-consciously smirks as if they’re broken.

He saunters slowly up the great central aisle,

Veers left and right while flashing a cheeky smile.


With onlookers aghast, he makes his mazy way

Towards the august presence most haphazardly.

He plucks an apple from a servant’s shaking hand,

And begins to eat, noisily, his juicy contraband.


All eyes, including the king’s, are on him now,

As he plants a kiss on a favoured lady’s brow.

At the steps leading to the glorious throne,

He twirls and lands himself sideways prone.


Silence now, but the air heavy with expectation;

Guards poised, waiting their master’s indication.

The king looks down on the sprawling boy,

Then smiles and laughs with unbridled joy!


Who is this man who can behave so before the king?

And from where does his risky confidence spring?

The answer and the reason for the happy outcome?

Why, this young man is the king’s own, only, son!


No one can truly be themselves before the king,

Unless they be family, the king’s own offspring.

Everyone else, no matter how grand or great,

Must needs be careful to guarantee their fate.


Jesus is Son of God by absolute and utter right;

We ourselves cannot inherit, try as we might.

The Good News of Jesus’ death and resurrection,

Is that we are now God’s children, by adoption.


Therefore do not be false or feigning virtuous;

Come before your Father knowing you are precious!

His kingdom is given and we are royal family,

He will forgive and begin again most happily.


Redeemed, adopted, co-heirs with Jesus,

The Holy Spirit’s breath forever near us.

Free to be our true selves for all eternity;

Relax, enjoy, accept your fraternity!