Who’s the Fool?

This poem is inspired by a true story I heard recently about a vulnerable adult’s visit to the barbers. As we decry the base cruelty of the barber, are we that much better our selves?

A man with severe learning difficulties

Had ‘fool’ shaved on the back of his head.

The barber must have thought it funny.

Cruel assault, declared the court instead.


Vulnerable folk don’t need such fashions.

They have a lot to cope with anyway.

Hounded, teased, stared at, abused.

How vile to pick on such easy prey.


What is it in the human heart that

Spawns the bully? Is it that we mock

That which we fear may lurk in us?

Dare we look inwards and get a shock?


Am I then so faultless that I can stand

Morally high to utter such sentiments?

We had a ‘simple’ child at our school:

Joey, forgive my part in your torments.


Help us Lord to laugh with and not at;

To never inflict such pain or be so cruel.

Especially, let us care for Jesus’ least,

Or no guesses as to who’s the fool…