I hope this poem speaks for itself…



The power of words to stroke or slap;

To lift us up or stab our back;

To cradle and caress our soul;

Or maul and slam us in a hole.

I pray to God that for this day

From words that wound and cause dismay,

To grace my mind with loving care:

Oh let me not spawn despair!


The power of words to heal or tear;

A few short sounds that hit the air;

Whether by voice, letter or print,

Email or screen – so quickly sent.

Yet whatever the carrier may be,

It’s the payload that others see.

Laser guided is all very well,

Impact and aftermath will tell.


The power of words sent on their way,

Onwards and outwards relentlessly.

The button once pressed, the missile is off;

An exocet beyond recall, so tough!

A moment’s thought is all very well,

Far better to train the heart’s swell.

A loving and gentle disposition,

Is much the better ammunition.


The letter that drops onto the floor;

An enemy’s blast to settle a score;

Full of hate and vented spleen;

Raging, ranting – even obscene.

This hurtful note can frame the day,

In depression, anxiety, how we pay!

Fingernails, frowns and creases;

Gloom pervades, all hope ceases.


Contrast the loving card or call,

That perks us up, higher than all.

On eagle’s wings, it soars us high,

Invincible, exultant, by and by.

And that most special gift of all:

Praise – its balm is universal;

It transforms, affirms and calms;

Our souls borne up on angels’ arms.


The kingdom of God is built with bricks

Of love, and our words cement the mix.

We are called to fashion and to render,

A sacred mansion, bright with splendour.

This our birthright for infinity,

To chant the glory of the Trinity.

Wherein quietly, quietly is heard,

His love for Jesus, God’s own Word.