Your Life; Your Rules?

I’m a tad uncomfortable about this poem – I don’t want the message to be negative or preachy – but I do think that as well as God’s life-giving Word being sidelined in today’s world, there is also a tidal wave of self-serving nonsense crashing in on us from all sides.

I saw a TV commercial the other day;

It was something about a man’s perfume…

It was the slogan that stuck in my mind:

‘Your life; your rules’ – it made me fume.


‘Your life; your rules’ – let’s translate:

It’s cool to be selfish and proud;

Take first, and give only if it suits;

Putting others first is not allowed.


Be strong and forceful in your acts;

Brook no hesitation and take the lead;

If others get hurt, hey, that’s tough;

Sign up to the modern man’s creed.


Play fast and loose; a winning smile

Is like leaving the scene of the crash;

Don’t get caught, cos you’re the man.

And women like you mean and brash.


A few quid to the needy now and then,

Is pretty hip and makes you feel OK;

But don’t get into that giving groove…

Look after number one – come what may.


Above all else subscribe to this:

Guilt is for losers and doesn’t apply.

The only thing to learn from mistakes,

Is, next time, how to be more fly.


You owe nothing and no one. Period.

Free yourself of old-fashioned trash.

Live free and to hell with everything else;

Wine, women, song, and loads of cash.


It sounds so good, but it’s a blatant lie:

We do not own our own lives; and

Self-made rules cause human mayhem;

Don’t join the callous good time band.


All we have and are is gift; given

By Him whose love conceived the plan.

On life’s road it’s His highway code,

That brings peace and joy to everyman.


Maybe the perfume smells a good buy?

But the philosophy: ‘Your life; your rules’,

Will ultimately leave a bad odour:

You’re buying into a creed for fools.