A Better Way

There is a huge temptation for Christians to collude with so much that is accepted by the secular world today.  Insights in psychology and other sciences bring new vistas and possibilities, as well as seemingly validating what was often considered in the past to be utterly wrong.  Nobody wants to be out of step with the majority but is it a case of good versus bad, or perhaps good versus better?  What issues as Christians do we need to stand against, and what issues can we humbly look to minister to?


The Gospel of Jesus ever points to a better way.

Never to crush the hearts of ordinary decent folk,

But to first fill them with a sense of God’s love,

Before challenging them to take up His yoke.


In life, so much is tolerably good, yet yearns

For betterment, fulfilment, and transformation.

God’s grace doesn’t abuse or take us by storm,

But subtly, gradually, brings transfiguration.


For we are called to be the best we can be,

Both for self fulfilment, but also for serving:

To joyfully take that towel and to wash the feet,

Of all men regardless, for all are deserving.


Jesus’ transfiguration was a miracle of light,

But we are not God, and stumblingly we tread,

Glimpsing with faith through a narrow-gated view,

So reluctant to trust that His will is our bread.


For He accepts our nature as fragile and fraught,

That we seldom change spots with any success,

Yet still calls us beyond a blinkered expectation,

To where He can mould, grace others and bless.


That the good may become better, even the best;

And witness is noticed and hearts might transform;

Community be strengthened and a world renewed;

His Kingdom indwelling, and heaven on earth born.