A Thankful Heart

Can we ever face life, real life, with a thankful attitude?  I suggest that this is only really possible with faith in a loving God.


A thankful heart is the beginning of wisdom.

No matter what you think life has dealt you,

To be able to give heartfelt thanks to God,

Is to own your life and affirm your very soul.


If the weather is fine or awful – give thanks.

If you are well or unable to move – give thanks.

If you are loved or feel unloved – give thanks.

If your schemes work or all is lost – give thanks.


How can I give thanks if life is stacked against me?

Why on earth should I give thanks for misfortune?

Or suffering, or illness, or the loss of a loved one?

Is that not to be false, and not to face life full on?


We can give thanks because God is in control.

No matter how dark it may seem, He is there.

And nothing, not even death itself, will deny Him.

Because of His unconditional love, all will be well.


In this life God stands back, so far back He seems absent.

In this life God has tied His arms behind His back.

The Almighty is effectively unmighty.  Period.

But this life will end:  for you, for me, for all.


God waits, drawing all creation towards His light.

His impotence is temporary.  Life’s vicissitudes too.

Jesus has already conquered, and love will endure.

Praise Him in all things, and rise on Spirit wings!