At the Closing

When I was taking the washing in the other night a black bird (I’m not a bird expert) was singing its heart out.  It was getting dark and I was surprised to hear it singing but it certainly didn’t hold back.  It kind of inspired this poem…


At the closing of the day,

A bird, atop my chimney sings.

Its gorgeous chant trills out

In the still air of evening:

Sweet, vibrant, a hymn of hope.

Hope in the day, hope in the now,

And surely hope for a morrow?

How much to learn from that bird!


At the closing of my day,

Head, weary with the mind grind,

Battles, skirmishes, lost and won,

Emotions ambushing my mood.

What song is in my heart now?

What paean to the Day Owner?

Can I see beyond jaded horizon,

That, in His plan – all is well?


At the closing of this day,

Let me quieten to hear that song,

Lauding from out a fragile breast,

Yet strong, so very, very strong.

Oh blessed moment, lyric kairos,

Better tonic than a golden dram!

Creation’s wisdom distilled anew,

My soul to soar in sacred lilt!


At the closing of our day,

Can we join that bird in choir?

For our singing or sulking conspires,

Mixing notes sacred and profane.

As His body, we dance or we strut,

Promoting kingdom or chaos withal.

Your song is mine, as mine is yours,

Reciprocating a grace called love.


At the closing of life’s day,

Come what may, come what may,

When years are weighed entire,

Mercy will counterbalance them all.

Then from heaven’s holy heights,

That same bird will take its cue,

To spawn an ever-vigorating song:

Saluting a bright eternal morn.