Draw Me Into Prayer

A personal muse on prayer.


Jesus my loving Lord,

And brother mine,

Whose dear-bought sacrifice,

Outpoured the Spirit’s grace…

Draw me into prayer.


Fan that inner flame,

Divine-set in the core of me,

That embers in silence,

That so its healing burn

Will enthuse my heart.


O Giver of all my moments,

Let me not go long

Without a thought of You,

Whose vital love-gift

Sustains my every moment,

Both this now, and,

Even unto eternity.


And when I do think of You,

Remind me – it’s Your doing:

Always You, prompting me.

Always You.


And when I do respond,

Oft only when tumults beset,

Convict me that nothing matters more,

In this sacred time,

And on this holy ground,

Save that I bide with You.


And when I do spare You time,

Who are the Giver of all my span,

My awful sinfulness overwhelms,

And shame clouds my soul,

And I would hide from You!

May You then re-Eden me,

For Your love has conquered sin.


And when I falter, oftentimes,

Since my spiritual eyes are dim,

And my soul stress-addled,

Grant me that inner vision,

Faith-clear, to see You there,

Ever prodigal, ever welcoming.


And let me not babble,

And word You out,

Who are the eternal Word.

Help me to be still,

Yet attentive as I wait,

Wait, wait on You.


For prayer is my highest act:

Your sweet will and my true purpose.

O teach me this simple truth:

That I do more

When I rest in You.