Faith Faith Faith Faith

Ultimately all we need to do is to focus on Him…

on His love…


The Good News is that we are all loved by the Great Lover,

And we are immortal, held in His eternal love embrace.

This should soar us above all mundane tribulations, but…

Just how much do we believe this amazing grace?


Faith, faith, faith, faith is all we ever need.

To open our hearts and minds to His beauty,

That the Great Story shows Our Story in His Story;

Thus, absorbing This Story becomes our sole duty.


The mystics have it right: transformation through contemplation.

To as it were sunbathe under Love’s warm radiance,

That so our very skin glows with divine brightness,

And that our poor words fade in favour of our stance.


Know that even now, especially in this now, you are loved!

Evil and hate exist but their pathetic grip is losing:

Love alone will endure, and all will be well.

Faith, as life-decision, awaits you for the choosing.


The signs are there if we would but take the time,

And wise up to the failings of His PR agents:

Where dogmas and doctrines can murk the waters,

Yet still Church is His anointed bodily presence.


Recognise the Truth that Love is our origin,

Our life, our vocation, our true destination.

Let your words and deeds flow from such and

Relax in the deck-chair of quiet contemplation.

And Son-bathe!