The Mystery of the Present Moment

Some musings on the specialness of this present moment…

How do we hold the present moment?

This moment now, is gone… now.

It’s already past as you read this line.

No more to return, ever again.

That moment past is our history now,

Unique, but gone – part of our-story.

For sure, absorbed into His-story,

As every hair, so every moment counted.

What was the quality of that moment?

Did it grace your heart with meaning?

Or was it gone before it blessed you?

Part of you, but piddling insignificant?

Can one moment stand on its own?

Should it ever ghost our consciousness?

Perhaps a sudden shock or surprised joy

Can frame in bold that now-gone moment?

Is then memory the museum of such,

As we recall those heightened times?

The sad, the bad, the unexpected joys,

Only such moments caught in our hearts?

And the ‘sacrament of the present moment’?

The kairos where we only touch His robe?

Are we then condemned to fleeting glimpses,

Flickering fast through that glass darkly?

Is prayer then the staying in this succession:

Struggling to sense Your closeness in the now,

To connect, so that the moment is charged

With the glory and the grace of Your Spirit?

My Lord, I praise you for all my moments,

Who first gave them to me, and who promise

An endless supply of further moments,

Faithful to Your eternal covenant of love.

If I truly believe my moments will never cease,

Then maybe I can be liberated in this now,

Free to balm the past and trust Your future,

And to know that nothing’s wasted in the now?