Very Thin Ice

“Oh men, how long will your hearts be closed…” Psalm 4:2


Perilous, the human condition.

Perilous indeed, all life’s span.

For lion, for mouse, for human:

Best make hay while you can?


Yes, even mighty humanity,

With all our intellect and powers,

Our supremacy over the beasts,

Yet finite the run of our hours.


We tread on very thin ice!

And our laid plans and schemes,

Well intentioned or not, can

Oft times fall victim it seems.


Such it is for the individual;

Perhaps so for our societies?

Thin is the veneer that binds;

Dare we face our anxieties?


‘By the grace of God’ we go,

Good times tempered by risk.

The adventure of our life,

Can meet misadventure.  Tsk.


But God is there to catch us?

Not the evidence of our eyes!

A consistent lack of miracles,

Causes an irreligious surmise.


Whatever are we to do?  And

What will extinguish our fears?

Dull our senses with distractions?

Take drugs to staunch our tears?


Or face the vicissitudes bravely?

Man up and plunge into the roil?

Write poems and shriek quietly?

Celebrate life’s heady turmoil?


Mayhap science’ll thicken that ice?

Push back the bounds of death?

Find all manner of inventions,

To solve that damnable threat?


Hmm, let’s take a rain check here:

‘Not in my lifetime’ for sure.

We can’t even safeguard the planet;

Is science the disease or the cure?



May not promise a rose garden,

But, no doubt about it my friend!

To whom else can we turn?  It’s

Faith alone that counts in the end…