You and Me Got an Issue God

Psalm 129: 7

“With the Lord there is plentiful redemption”.


You and me got an issue God.


I like economy in all things.

Except that is maybe chocolate.

Anyway, that’s the point:

I like economy,

But You, You only do abundance.


I like to squeeze the very last drop of toothpaste.

Sooner make a pot of tea with two teabags,

Rather than three cups with three bags.

I’ve seen me put wax drips back in the candle top.

Run out of a colour mixed

Because I put too stingy an amount on the palette.

Never would cut it as an artist.

I suppose I hate waste.

I was recycling from way back.


But You,

You don’t do economy,

And maybe waste is further down Your priorities?

Your thing is super-mega-ultra-abundance.

Grace?  Mercy?  Love?

We only accuse You of being aloof

Because, as the psalmist says:

Our hearts are closed.

We barely sense the superabundance,

The sheer prodigality of Your gifts:

Life.  Freedom.  Hope.  A place in Your eternal home.

The tenderness of Your fatherly love:

Deeply personal, no matter how many billions of Your children.

Every hair on our head…

(OK, maybe some of us have a certain economy there).

Yeah, it’s not the prodigal son, it’s the prodigal Father.


In my own life:

Endless new beginnings.

You, ever watchful, ever patient.

Who can plumb the depths of Your mercy?

And then there’s the supreme gift of Jesus, Saviour, brother, God.

And Your daily self-giving in the Holy Mass.  OMG!

You don’t give from Yourself – You give Yourself.

A full measure, overflowing, unending, and… unconditional.

Wow, wow, wow!


I’ll still cut the kitchen towel in two bits,

But, my soul, never ever doubt:

With Him there is plentiful redemption!

Copiosa apud eum redemptio!