You Tell Me

This is where I stand, I cannot be false to what I believe…


You tell me that there is no God.

Then all existence is dead end,

And nature is by nature cruel.

And I reject your loser’s creed!


You tell me:  reason trumps faith;

The cold edge of facts bring truth.

But reason cannot contain the heart,

And love’s wisdom is what we need.


You tell me that science will transform,

Though progress is a two edged sword,

And human nature will yet conspire:

The rich, the powerful, pay no heed.


You tell me education will yet prevail,

To persuade a prideful, feuding race,

To lay down arms for certain utopia:

A bigger fantasy than angels indeed!


You tell me that children are our future:

Humanity renewing itself in perpetuity.

Is it a case of lifeboats only for them?

Bereavement’s shipwreck must concede?


You tell me that religion is core-rotten.

Yes, religion, like tribe, is slave to sin,

And condemnation waits, stone in hand,

But mercy reigned when Jesus refereed.


You tell me that there is no hell, and

That evil must oft’ times have its way.

No payback means that nothing matters:

Then no real point to any mortal deed.


You tell me that I must not ever hope,

To hear that voice singing deep inside.

The clear god-print of endless yearning,

That only divine love will see satisfied.


You tell me that which you cannot prove,

And I friend, have no proofs to claim.

Let’s draw forth, from within our heart,

The truth that speaks a sacred Name.


You tell me that there is no God.

Life spawned without a loving Father?

Then we are orphaned in time and space,

And I reject your bankrupt creed!