Senryus #2




The heart that knows right,

Must ever beat humbly, else

It pumps arrogance

It’s convenient

Not to know the will of God,

Lest we need to change

Healing begins with

The realisation that

Jesus shares our wounds

An arrogant man

Can find in religion the

Perfect loud speaker

God-fearing isn’t

Fear of God, but to walk in

A sacred manner

Daily we pray words,

Words we do not understand,

And even less mean

Temptation is a

Place where we book ourselves in

Without too much thought

Frustration occurs

When we don’t get that which we’ve

Decided we need

There are two types of

Folk: those who don’t know God, and

Those who think they do

Hesitation – the

Humble man’s prerequisite

For Christ-like witness

Evil – a spirit

Distilled by continuous

Choices against good

The treasure of faith

Has a price, and that price is

Called discipleship

Many atheists

Are angry with God. For some

It seems personal

Plant trees of grace well

Before the storms of life crash

In upon your soul

Modern life keeps us

On the outside of ourselves:

Shallowness is rife…

The journey inwards

Is not a physical trek:

No sick notes allowed

A paralysed man

Can walkabout with Jesus:

Come, see where I live!

Prayer is soul trek:

Warp factor God! Beam me in,

To boldly go where…

Discover the ground

Of your being and you will

Enter God’s presence

The print of God is

To be found by exploring

The soil of your soul

The last wilderness

To be explored is the heart:

Each heart, a new land

Every man can

Meet God, if he but pause and

Listen to his heart

In silence one can

Hear what matters. What matters?

That would be telling!

Be still enough to

Hear your soul, and you will find

God singing in it

Each human heart is

An auditorium where

God sings His love songs

Men are useless at

Religion, and religion’s

Useless at women

The avenue that

Leads away from chaos is

Called ‘mutual respect’

Who is the ‘other’?

Not me, but another me,

Beloved of God

It’s harder for a

Rich church to serve the Kingdom

Than for a camel…

Christian faith is fact

In waiting: not established

But resonating


Our inability to

Understand God’s time

Is a loving God

Wish fulfilment for brittle

Folk, or just the truth?

Like a summer storm,

Suffering came and went, and

We were the stronger

His yoke is easy;

Why shackle ourselves to a

Lesser paymaster?

If you really want

To change the world, begin and

End with your own heart

Human monarchy

Is a fraud – there is only

One true monarch – God

To truly be a

Man, one must find the strength that

Bides in gentleness

Confession before

Communion?  Or should that be

The other way round?