Senryus #3



Bums on seats in church?

They will come when the Good News

Is strongly proclaimed

Innocent blood cries

Out to a God who seems not

To care.  Is He there?

How can we believe

After the Holocaust?  That’s

When we must believe

God forbid that I

Am ever right, to the point

That I don’t listen…

What certainty can

Enable a man to saw

Off another’s head?

 We try so hard to

Become – something.  Better to

Celebrate being?

Do whatever He

Tells you – Mary’s summation

Of discipleship

Self giving love, the

Only investment that will

Bring lasting profit

Life is already

Eternal.  No going back

On His sacrifice

Do not mistake a

Sign for the reality

It is pointing to

Like raindrops on the

Glass, if we unite we get

Where we want faster

 The racist lives on

The periphery of his

Own humanity

To glimpse my own wounds

In another’s heart is to

Awaken kindness

To despise my own

Wounds in another’s heart is

To engender hate

 Why can’t God’s Spirit

Take over my heart?  Because

Robots don’t do love

A loving God and

Human suffering?  His heart

Suffers so much more

I gaze inwards and

Fear blocks my view.  Can I draw

Courage to find You?

 There are some people

Who lack critical judgment;

Others suspend it…

Do I take up my

Cross to merely polish it:

All show, no substance?

True peace comes through trust

In God, and the sign that we

Trust is thankfulness

Wisdom:  know the next

Thing you must do, and then do

It with all your heart

 Meaning.  What is that?

Something that defines a life?

Do most people care?

Could I die for Thee,

Who has died for me?  I pray

I never find out

 Hate is a dead end,

And some folk spend their whole lives

Going down that route

The Enlightenment:

The biggest misnomer in

Human history

If there is no life

After this, there is no point

Loving enemies

Regardless of sin’s

Hold on you, bask in His love,

For He has conquered

On thin ice we tread,

Blithely scheming our futures

As if immortal

We are immortal,

But our choices determine

Our residency

Humanity is

God living dangerously.

He has no regrets

Six months to live, or

Sixty years?  All our days are

Numbered, are they not?