Senryus #1




Speak infallibly

And someone else might even

Hear infallibly

In its confident

Certainty, religion is

Often arrogant

At our journey’s end

We have neither scripture nor

Church – only Jesus

Where is certainty?

In scripture? In Church teaching?

Come Holy Spirit!

The humanists’ cry:

There is nothing when you die!

Will we be laughing?

Hindsight – the dodgy

Ability to condemn

Ourselves for learning

Dissent in the Church?

Not ordained by God! What next…

Open government?

All justice should be

Rehabilitative. If

Not, then it’s vengeance

Woman’s right to choose!

It sounds so good – somewhat like:

Buy now, pay later…

He who lives by the

Letter of the law, will see

The law pass away

In order to hate,

A man only needs to call

His brother: stranger

In order to love,

A man only needs to call

The stranger: brother

The Church exists to

Build the Kingdom. As such it

Too will pass away

Hunger makes a thief

Of a good man. Plenty makes

The thief appear good


Are so sure of their God, they

Don’t listen to Him


Firm believers in a god

Forged by their anger

Nothing in life is

Free except that which is the

Most precious – God’s love


How to ensure that the poor

Are with us always

The Catholic Church

Should be God’s light to the world.

Who controls the switch?

Truth will set you free.

Catholics like to gift wrap

Truth with tradition

To read the Bible

Literally is like dis-

mantling Rubik’s cube

The one who is right

Is either a fraud or the

Most humble of men

Prayer mechanics:

Osmosis – God from within,

Prayer changes men

Bible – two levels:

As personal love letter;

As Church discernment

Salvation: finding

Out what God was up to when

He created me

Christian witness:

God at our fingertips or

The other way round?

Our hearts yearn for God

Like furled flowers beneath the

Forest canopy

You are immortal;

With an endless succession

Of present moments

Has hell been consigned

To limbo, and has limbo

In fact gone to hell?

“Let the strong get on!”

The reality is: the

Least go to the wall

In my prayer life,

Lord God, I am a failure.

Does that make You one?

Casting God in our

Own mold, we solidify

Him through prejudice

“Move on from the past!”

Usually said by those who

Have known advantage

“Don’t forget the past!”

Usually said by those who

Have known injustice

“No surrender!” The

Louder the shout, the deeper

The sense of self-doubt

Human hearts hunger

For unending bliss. Only

God can provide this

“To live in the now

Is to lose the fear of death.”

And begin to breathe

in memory of a great teacher – Fr Eric Doyle OFM


If there is no right,

Then there is no hope, and no

Justice for the least