An Inspirational Meditation

Fr Richard Rohr OFM, whom I regard as a modern prophet, founded the Centre for Action and Contemplation (CAC) thirty five years ago in the US. Richard’s vision was to encourage people of all faiths and traditions who sincerely desired to take part in action in support of the poor and marginalised to base their work – and their life – on developing a deep spirituality, without which even the best intended actions can become compromised. In other words, to work for God and for the good of humanity, you first have to know God and be rooted in His love through a deep relationship with Him.

Richard rightly stresses the crucial need for a daily practice of contemplation if we are to open ourselves to the divine and allow God’s Spirit to enthuse and direct our actions. But contemplation is challenging to many and sadly has fallen away in the western Christian world to the extent that it became the preserve of small numbers of monks and hermits. Certainly in the Catholic tradition and in my upbringing there was little or no formation in any depth of prayer relationship with God, as Richard gently explains in the following meditation.

This blog is somewhat unusual in that it really is a pointer to another man’s work and wisdom, but I offer it in the hope that it might reach an even wider audience. As such, this link to what Richard calls a ‘sit’ is actually a priceless treasure. If you are open to the ‘real’, that is, the reality that faith in God underpins all creation, then you should appreciate just how special and matchless this meditation is. It may well encourage you to start a practice of meditation that can – truly – change your life.

For myself, since it was first shown on Friday 21st October, I have used it every day to focus my poor attempts at meditation and it has been a real encouragement and support to me. See for yourself just how impressive is this man who clearly practises what he preaches, and therefore speaks from a sacred place.

Be aware of course that YouTube videos usually come with noisy advertisements, but make your way past these to the real treasure!

Virtual Sit Meditation | LIVE Friday, October 21 | Center for Action and Contemplation – YouTube

You can also find out more about CAC here:

Center for Action and Contemplation (

Wishing you a very special blessing from God – if you have eyes to see and ears to hear!